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This quoting section is for the learned jewellery buyer who knows his required design specifications (alloy, gemstones, dimensions etc.) and who is knowledgeable in ring crafting and pricing. If you are not sure of your specifications or general pricing in relation to design go to the jewellery novice section.

In order to give you the most accurate and up to date quote please attach the image of your diamond ring design (at least 200x200 pixels) and complete all required fields.

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Design Components

1. What metal alloy do you require for this design?

2. If there is a centre (main) diamond in your design please let us know the following:

2.1 What cut (shape) is the diamond?

• What is the minimum carat weight (size)?

• In what quality grade (in terms of colour and clarity) would you like this diamond?

3. If there are any small, side or extra gemstones in your design please tell us what they are?

Design Specifications

1. What is the ring size?

2. What is the approximate apex width (top band width) of your design?

3. What is the approximate apex side height (from finger to top of the design)?

4. Can you estimate the weight (in relation to selected alloy) of your design?

5. What metal colour is your design?

6. What finishing applies to your design?

7. What other enhancements are there?

8. If there is a main diamond, what setting is it in?

9. If there are small, side or extra gemstones, how are they set?

Pricing Consideration

1. Do you know what is your intended budget in terms of above selections for this design?

2. Have you received any other quotes?

3. If yes, you are welcome to type in the quoted amount so we can try to better it. However, if you do not wish to share this information with us just leave the space blank.

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