There can be little doubt that diamond bands are the most popular wedding and engagement rings available today. They speak volumes about the love a couple has for each other, their commitment to each other and indeed their hopes for their future life together. A symbol of a lifelong connection, they make the ultimate statement of elegance and luxury as well, proving that a groom only wants the best for his bride. However, choosing the right diamond bands for your wedding can be a tricky task. Why? Well, it is difficult to know where to begin!

With so much choice available, can offer you an extensive collection of unique and exquisite diamond bands for you to choose from. There is something there to cater for every possible style and taste so you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for!

Selecting Diamond Bands

There are certain questions that you should ask yourself before you look for diamond bands or wedding rings. Firstly, are you looking for traditional designs or would you prefer a more custom individual band to celebrate your love?

Traditional styles are timeless, classic even, and tend to come in matching sets. There is something truly charming about matching bands because they symbolize a complete partnership and harmonious union from the start. They will never go out of style and come in a whole range of cuts and widths too so you can choose the one that best suits you. Women’s bands range from 2mm to 8mm, with the men’s ones being slightly larger in width.

If you would like something more individual, though, you can choose any model or design that best ‘defines’ you. That could be something standard on offer or indeed a personal design that you have created and we are able to replicate in our custom design center. Whatever design you choose, you should ensure that you are completely happy with it and that it reflects both your personalities. This ensures that you ultimately get the diamond bands that are best for you.

All of the diamonds that are set into our wedding bands and indeed our engagement or wedding sets are South African and of the highest quality.

Platinum or Gold?

Wedding diamond bands do not stop with the diamond though. You also have to consider the metal alloy that your stone will be mounted on. Would you like platinum - sophisticated and expensive but with unparalleled class? Would you like yellow gold – classic, elegant and beautiful in its own right? Or would you like white gold – containing that touch of finesse and delicacy?

You may want to take the stone’s colour into consideration when making this decision, as well as the width and shape of the band. No matter what your preferences, though, we can provide you with everything you need right here at

Our unique customer service is designed to cater for couples who are trying to find the perfect diamond bands for them. As such, we are happy to consult with you as much as you like to ensure that you can find the ideal rings for you and make sure they fit perfectly. We recognize that making such a choice is far from easy and so we offer email and phone services to suit you. In addition, our guarantees will give you peace of mind that, should you have a problem or in the unlikely event that the diamond does not meet your requirements, we will ultimately ensure that you are completely happy with your purchase. is all about quality and we recognize exactly how important choosing the right diamond bands is so do not delay. Contact us today!

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