Accuracy Levels

We guarantee at least 95% accuracy of the finished item to its pictured image. As all designs are manually set, finished and polished there may be a small degree of inaccuracy. The industry accepted standards are 0.5mm on setting gaps and splits, 0.5mm on alloy thickness and setting heights, 10 degrees on symmetry and 10 degrees on setting angles and alignment. You will not be able to claim warranty work for inaccuracies that are kept within these levels.

Returns & Refunds

Due to the nature of our business and the fact that all designs are crafted to order and according to your requested specifications, purchased items cannot be returned and money cannot be refunded. Section 20 of the Consumer Protection Act (Act No. 68 of 2008) provides for special circumstances under which goods cannot be returned. These circumstances apply to hand-made and customised goods such as jewellery made to order. While your item cannot be returned for the refund we will do our best to accommodate your modification or repair and in accordance with our warranty. Alternatively you can make use of our Buy-Back offer.

Purchase Warranty

We fully stand by the quality of our workmanship as well as specifications accuracy of our designs. Consequently we offer a 14-day warranty for all products purchased on this site. We trust that fourteen days from the receipt of your order is ample time to inspect your purchase.

All our jewellery items go through a stringent quality check, so it is highly unlikely that there will be something wrong with your selected design. However to give you an absolute peace of mind we undertake to re-make, re-model or repair your ring free of charge under the following circumstances:

  • You have received a different design to the one you requested
  • The design is made from a wrong alloy or colour combination than requested on your order
  • Diamonds used in your ring are lower in size or quality than requested
  • The ring size is not as specified on your order
  • One free re-make allowed (using same components), all subsequent re-makes subject to additional charge

Warranty Procedure

In order to qualify for this warranty, you must return your jewellery post-marked no later than 14 days after the date on which you received it, and in accordance with the following steps:

1. Return Courier

Call 0861 99 88 88 or send email requesting warranty work. Explain the problem in detail upon which you will be given return-courier instructions. Do not send anything back until you receive these instructions.

2. Package Your Return

Include the whole item, original packaging and collateral material. If any of the gemstones had fallen out then they must be included in the package (we will not be held responsible for loss of any jewellery parts as the replacement of such is your own or your insurer’s liability). If your item was delivered with a diamond certificate and in a luxury box, and these items are not returned, you may be liable for their replacement cost. For security reasons do not label the package with its true content nor write anywhere on the outside of the box.

3. Courier and Insurance Cost

You will need to insure your package and pay for the courier but in the event of warranty approval all courier costs shall be refunded to you.

4. Warranty Approval

Upon receiving your return, the item will be inspected by our Master Goldsmith and the Head Gemologist. Your item¡¯s specifications will be cross-referenced with our accounts, order and delivery records. Only then we will either approve or disqualify your claim. You will be notified of the outcome. Please note that items showing signs of wear or those that have been engraved, altered, resized or damaged in any way cannot be accepted.

You must follow these instructions exactly, failure to do so will prevent the processing of your warranty work. If you have any questions about this procedure, please Contact Us

2-Year Maintenance Plan

All jewellary requires periodical service as it is subject to daily wear-and-tear.Every few months it needs to be polished and planted,even repaired or resized. Maintenance period depend on the level of care and vary from person to person. our pre-paid maintenace plan gives you peace of mind for two years. It includes 2 X free resizings,2 X free re-conditioning (polish and plate), free re-setting of up to 4 loose stones, free repair work (cracks,abrasions,dents etc). The plan does not include re-modelling or any additional jewellery components that may be used, such as gold platinum or diamonds.

  • will not be held responsible for loss or damage of return shipments
  • will not be held responsible for lost gemstones
  • Once warranty is approved the item will be re-made, re-modeled or repaired free of charge , all insurance and return delivery costs will be covered by

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