Nothing is as beautiful as a gold ring on a finger. It portrays the taste and style of the wearer and considering that gold is a rare commodity; it shows class. Gold jewellery was commonly donned by the rich, royalty and celebrities. Nowadays, most people can afford gold rings and other gold accessories and therefore,they are won to make fashion and style statement.

Gold rings have been in use since time immemorial,especially for weddings. This is a tradition which dates back to the ancient Rome or even much older. The rings were normally won by the marrying couple as a symbol of their love and commitment. The tradition has found its way to the current generations which exchange rings during weddings and engagements. Nowadays, a wedding would never be complete without a white gold ring and in this case ring made of gold. These rings symbolize that the person wearing it is married.

Buying a wedding ring is an experience that requirescommitment and time. This is because there are many gold rings designs to choose from and the ring is expected to be used for a long time. Therefore,it is important to take time and choose a ring that will interest the eyes. Some of the rings are white gold rings and others yellow gold. The ring may also require engraving of the names and the date of marriage to make it unique to the parties getting married.

The use of gold rings was started by the rich who could afford the precious metals. This is because gold jewellery is scarce and could only be afforded by the wealthy in the society. The gold rings used to have the basic shape that is plain and circular, but nowadays there are many designs thatare used to make the rings. The ring symbolizes eternity since the circle has no beginning or an end. The married couple is intended to live happily ever after until death separates them. The common tradition in some cultures is that the ring is won on the fourth finger on the left hand while on other cultures; the ring was won on the right hand.

Gold is a durable and a precious metal that is why it is preferred for making rings, which are either a white gold ring or yellow gold ring. There are also plenty of gold jewellery such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

A White gold ring is as beautiful as a yellow one. This beauty is also seen on other gold jewellery such as earrings and necklaces. It is this beauty and durability that has made the rings to be demanded by people of all calibers. They range from the high and mighty such as kings and people on power without leaving out the common man who can afford the luxury of using gold jewellery. This is despite the fact that initially, gold was only used by the wealthy in the society since it was expensive.

The use of a white gold ring to symbolize eternal love in marriage is well accepted in society today just as is the use of a yellow ring. This is because the only difference, they have is in the finishing color.

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