The country of South Africa is famous for producing high quality diamonds, gold and platinum.  In the last decade, the jewellery industry has exploded. That has caused a lot of jewellers to look to South Africa to fill that demand for diamonds for everything from engagement rings to bridal sets.  South African jewellers are far more than just people who sell goods for a profit.  They are dedicated craftsmen with a passion for taking raw precious stones and turning them into gorgeous stones to be used for fine wedding rings. is a member in good standing with the South African Jewellery Council that supports passion for excellence.  Because of that commitment, this website can provide you with any kind of jewellery from diamond rings and bands to gold rings to platinum rings with diamond insets to name just a few.  The jewellers that craft designs for employ the finest skilled diamond workers in the industry.  This amazing team of professionals is overseen by Paul who is one of the most respected master goldsmiths in the South Africa.  After 45 years in the business, you know you will get the very best with Paul in charge. does a great job of taking care of their customers in South Africa and around the world.  That is why they enjoy a top reputation in the jewellery world.  On top of the esteem of customers and experts in fine stones, is associated with top diamond grading labs including…

  • • The Gemological Institute of America, also known as GIA,
  • • The International Gemmological Institute or IGI,
  • • The European Grading Laboratory or the EGL and
  • • The Independent Diamond Laboratory or the IDL.

When you buy from, you get designs that have gone through skilled preparation steps including casting, tooling and polishing. This all occurs in the sophisticated jewellery laboratories that maintains in Johannesburg.  That means that you are guaranteed that the diamonds you buy will be mounted by hand by the very best jewellers in the business and that the finish of your piece will be perfect.

Along with world class preparation of your diamond, you can expect the same professionalism in preparing your adornment.  That means that the craftsmen who prepare your piece will stop at nothing to make sure that each step will be handled perfectly. Whether it is sand blasting, matting, plating, combinations, engraving, tubing or other steps for the perfect settings, your piece will not be delivered to you until it is perfect.  When the diamond jewellers at work on your piece, they will take an amazingly beautiful stone and make it shine.

An obvious difference in how does business is that they do not invest in buildings or show rooms to sell their goods. By operating online, you get the convenience and the low prices of the internet combined with the quality of a world class jeweller without having to leave your home or office.

This online approach to marketing does not mean lower quality of diamonds or metals in the products they sell. It simply means that can cut a lot of costs like rent, maintaining display stock, insurance and utilities. Those savings are passed along to customers who get a great deal for quality jewellery. In addition, does not use dealers who drive up the price. Instead they have their own depots to handle the merchandise thus cutting out the middle man.

When you talk to other jewellers, is highly respected as a member of that community.  Their 16 years of service to their customers has earned them top reviews by customers and fellow jewellers alike.  This is no routine online outlet store because the talent behind the web pages consists of people who are well connected to diamond merchants in South Africa and they collaborate routinely with top rated polishers and depots as well. That means that is in the business of providing gorgeous diamonds of unquestioned quality to their South African and international clients.

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