Our buy-back policy applies only to items purchased online from this website. When you decide to re-sell your item to us we will offer you an amount equal to 66.6% of your ring’s current online price. You will only forfeit one third of its value as opposed to your loss should you resale to a manufacturing jeweller or a pawn broker - where you will possibly loose over half of its value. Please read terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

1. Buy-Back policy applies only to items which are currently offered online by Diamondrings.co.za. It will not apply to items which were discontinued or removed from the site.
2. You will need to inform us of your decision to sell your ring back to us by email or fax. You must be the original buyer of the item.
3. Your item must be send to us in its original specification and description – as purchased from this site. Original diamond certificates must be attached.
4. When received, the item will be cross-referenced with our records and checked by our master goldsmith, diamonds and diamond certificates will be verified by our gemmologist. Your ring will not be bought back if altered or tampered with in any way.
5. Your item will be placed in our insured safe custody. It will await an order that requests exact same specification as your ring (no money will be paid until such new order is placed).
6. You can withdraw your item from our custody at any time during the waiting period however withdrawal charge will apply (see below).
7. Should you withdraw your item from our custody and we will need to courier it, you will be liable for standard courier and insurance cost. This will not apply if you collect your item from our offices in person.
8. Diamondrings.co.za will not commit to a timeline for a specific payout date, as this will be entirely dependant on a new order placement for your exact same design. It may be a couple of weeks but could potentially take a few months.
9. Buy-back payment will only be made by cheque or EFT to your designated account (please provide details). Payments will not be made in cash.

Costs and Amount

  • Buy-back amount will be calculated on the date of new order placement.
  • You will receive 33.3% less than your item’s current price at the time of new order placement, it will not be calculated from original purchase price that you initially paid.
  • For calculation purposes, current item price will not include delivery/insurance charge.
  • Additional R495 will also be deducted for admin and reconditioning costs.
  • Same charge of R495 will apply for withdrawn items.

Buy-Back Amount

(calculation example)

Current online price of your item R 10000.00
Deduction (33.3%) -R 3330.00
Admin R 6670.00
Reconditioning -R 495.00
Total Payable R 6175.00

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