Terms will only ship to physical addresses within South Africa. International orders will be accepted however these will have to be collected from our Sandton administration office. See details below.

In the event your order cannot be shipped you will be contacted immediately by e-mail or telephone, and you will be explained the reason for the delay.

Delivery timeline is an estimate and is more accurate for credit card payments and cash deposits. This is due to payment verification delays and possible public holidays within the crafting process. Delivery of orders can therefore take up to 15 business days.

Delivery and Insurance Rates

Please note that rates include express courier, handling and insurance

Order Value Rate
R 1000 – R 5000 no charge
R 5000 – R 10 000 R 245.00
R 10 000 – R 12 500 R 288.00
R 12 500 – R 15 000 R 300.00
R 15 000 – R 17 500 R 312.00
R 17 500 – R 20 000 R 325.00
R 20 000 – R 25 000 R 350.00
R 25 000 – R 30 000 R 375.00
R 30 000 – R 35 000 R 400.00
R 35 000 – R 40 000 R 425.00
R 40 000 – R 45 000 R 450.00
R 45 000 – R 50 000 R 475.00
R 50 000 – R 75 000 R 600.00
R 75 000 – R 100 000 R 800.00
R 75 000 – R 100 000 R 800.00
R 100 000 – R 150 000 R 1100.00
R 150 000 – R 200 000 R 1400.00
R 200 000 – R 250 000 R 1650.00
+R 250 000 (personal delivery) R 5500.00

Delivery Security ships to physical addresses only, however should your delivery address be far out of the main centre or courier depot we will ask you for your postal address. Our business name, content description or any label which could reveal exact nature of the parcel will be purposely removed from all packaging print.
For delivery assurance, your Identity Document and your signature will be required on delivery. Additionally, if you purchased using a credit card, you will be required to produce the same card. Customer services may contact you for additional information as required.

Tracking Your Parcel

You will receive an e-mail notification the day your order has been shipped with a confirmation of shipment and a waybill number. This will give you the ability to track your order online until it reaches your destination.


Delivery charges include transport insurance which is roughly calculated at between 1% and 1.5% of the order value, please refer to the rates table above. In the unlikely event of lost, stolen or missing parcel, the cost of such will be covered by the Gem & Jewel Pty Ltd Insurance, subject to their policy terms and conditions.

Collecting in Person

You can opt to collect your order from our Sandton administration office, just select 'Collecting in Person' in the basket section and refer to our phyisical address on the 'Visit us' page. Small area map is included. Please note that the Silver Replica (insured factory transit) will still apply as the item must be sent from the factory to our office. You will also be required to bring your identity document and the corresponding credit card if used for payment.

Order Cancellation

If you'd like to cancel or change order for any reason, please contact us with all your order details or call 0861 99 88 88, as soon as possible. Orders will only be considered for cancellation if they have not yet entered the crafting process.

Please note that our order-fulfillment system is designed to get orders shipped and on their way to our customers quickly and efficiently. As a result, we cannot change or cancel an order once it has already entered the crafting or shipping process. Orders placed through private or customised quotes cannot be cancelled. reserves the right to cancel any order that appears suspect or fraudulent. All fraudulent transactions will be reported to the National Fraud Unit of SAP. Please see Report Fraud section.

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