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Your Ring Size


Taking Correct Measurement

All our rings are measured and standardized with a new Wheatsheaf measuring stick. The reading is taken as centre, with a tolerance of one quarter of a size. If you have your finger measured by a jeweller, always check if the size is centre, leading edge or trailing edge. Please note that half-sizes are also possible.

Free Re- Sizing

You may wish to surprise your future fiancé with the marriage proposal, hence the problematic estimation of her ring size (or the finger size). If you are guessing, your chances of getting it right are very slim as there are only fractions of millimetres between sizes.  As a consequence, one free re-sizing is offered (up to 14 days from delivery), and under following conditions:

  1. 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct gold alloys (plain bands & solitaires) – free up to 5 sizes
  2. 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct (pave, cluster & channel set rings – free up to 3 sizes
  3. Platinum and Palladium (plain bands & solitaires) – free up to 3 sizes
  4. Platinum and Palladium (pave, cluster & channel set rings) – free up to 1 size

Should your re-sizing fall outside of above provisions some charges will apply. These may include additional metal cost, re-setting charges as well as strip and assemble fees.

South African, UK and American Ring Sizing Chart

There is no substitute for having your finger measured professionally, but it's not an exact science. Our fingers change in size from morning to evening, month to month and even Winter to Summer. The following chart is helpful to see how sizes compare internationally.

SA & UK:

Diameter mm

Circumference mm


A11.536.25 0.5
B12.3 38.64 1
C12.7 39.90 1.5
D13.1 41.15 2
E13.5 42.41 2.5
F13.9 43.67 3
G14.3 44.92 3.25
H14.7 46.18 3.75
I15.1 47.44 4.25
J15.5 48.69 4.75
K15.9 49.95 5.25
L16.3 51.24 5.75
M16.7 52.46 6.25
N17.1 53.72 6.75
O17.5 54.98 7
P17.9 56.23 7.5
Q18.3 57.49 8
R18.7 58.75 8.5
S19.1 60.00 9
T19.5 61.26 9.5
U19.9 62.52 10
V20.3 63.77 10.5
W20.7 65.00 11
X21.1 66.29 11.5
Y21.5 67.51 12
Z21.9 68.77 12.5
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