About Live Pricing

To offer you the best value for your money we have introduced the concept of live pricing, or ‘Today’s Price’. You have probably noticed how prices of same jewellery can change periodically in the same store. In fact, prices of raw jewellery components change on daily and even hourly basis. This is due to stock market trading of precious metals and currencies such as the Rand, which in turn affect the final Rand price of gold, platinum and diamonds. Please visit our Current Indicators page to keep track of stock market updates.

Today’s Price

As a consequence of these fluctuations all our products are priced at current ‘Today’s Price’, which can vary on daily basis. So if you like any particular design you may like to come back to the site periodically to check on its latest price. We would like to warn you however that this could be a bit of a ‘gamble’ as purchase prices can fall, but they can quickly climb back

Price and Selection Options

When you proceed through our item selection process you will notice that there is an indication of the lowest ‘from’ price for each item. This initial price shown is inclusive of first displayed options for metal alloy (with side or extra gems if applicable), main diamond (lightest carat weight available for the design) and the ring size .Moving down various options and selecting more valuable alternatives will increase the final purchase price. Please wait for price to update before selecting new options. Purchase price is inclusive of VAT but excludes delivery and insurance which is added in the subsequent checkout pages.

Online vs Retail

Its not surprising that buying jewellery from Diamondrings.co.za is cheaper than in retail stores. There are many costly overheads that traditional jeweller has to incur, like the shop’s rent, display décor, staff wages or expensive advertising which consequently add to his product price. Online on the other hand, we do not have such expenses and can therefore pass the saving onto our clients. Furthermore, unlike retailers, we do not have to buy our diamonds from dealers or middlemen, but rather source them from our own depot or alternatively from affiliated sight holders at the Johannesburg Diamond Center.